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Painel indicando vaga

Nesse vídeo é possível ver a velocidade da mudança no painel. Flip que mostra 16 vagas direciona para a rua exibida.


 Larger panels – easier to read

Freedom3 System panels are the largest on the market

No size or placement limits

Freedom 3 system panels are the largest on the market.

Independent digits facilitate maintenance in case of repairs and no limit on size or placement.

Multiple flips allow for multiple automated messages throughout the day.

There are 315 high-brightness SMD LEDs per 9-digit panel and 455 LEDs for a 13-digit panel (bottom photo)


Freedom 3 system panels can be installed in any position in your parking lot. Total freedom of positioning and better use of the displayed information. This is Freedom.


All panels of the system are patented and communicate with the sensors and update the data when a space is occupied or free in 100 milliseconds. That is, you blinked, the system updated the data 3 times. Compared to competitors that take an average of 3 to 10 seconds, the information on our dashboards is always reliable and accurate. There is no need to configure "frustration" to keep the data correct as it will always be correct.


Freedom 3 system panels have several automatic flips and can display a variety of information throughout the day to better target your customers.

They can be assembled with as many digits as the customer wishes, and their maintenance is the simplest and most practical on the market. Only those who know Freedom know the value of having a system that the brand itself says it all: FREEDOM


In addition to the indicative messages

of free spaces, the panels make it possible to

informational messages according to 

the event turning on and off automatically during day or night.

freedom of information is only

with FREEDOM 3.

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